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RSU 54/MSAD 54 Adult and Community Education

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Financial Literacy

Three Week Financial Literacy Program


with Herb Moyer

Calendar Mar 21, 2018 at 6 pm

Week 1: Savings and Investing Basics - Types of Savings Accounts; Money Markets; CD’s; Simple vs Compound Interest; Fees, Charges & Penalties; Truth in Savings Act; Rule of 72(doubling your $$); Bonds; Mutual Funds; Stocks; Retirement Plans; Savings vs Investing Accounts; Investment Fraud. What is a Mutual Fund? History & Characteristics; Investment Objectives; Four Types; Stock Funds; Bond Funds; Hybrid Funds; Asset Allocation; Fund Organization & Features; Regulations; Fees; Services

Week 2: Don’t Try to Predict the Market - Aspects of the Stock Market; Emotional Investing; Principles of Investing; Having Goals; Performance of the Market; The S & P 500; “Time In The Market”; Asset Allocation & Diversification; Asset Class Performance; Index Definitions; Summary. Understanding Portfolio Statistics of Mutual Funds - Alpha; Fund Manager Performance; Beta; Correlation; Duration; Information Ratio; R-Squared; Risk vs Return; Sharpe Ratio; Standard Deviation; Style Charts; Capture Ratio

Week 3: Financial Challenges That Matter Most - Your Finances; Life Stages & Challenges; Fundamentals of Work & Saving; Time & Compounding; Diversification; Tax-Deferral; Investment Management; Types of Mutual Funds; Choices About Income, Possessions, & Debt; Mutual Funds vs Annuities; Risk vs Return; Role of Insurance in Protecting Assets and Potentials; Aspects of and Types of Life Insurance; Chronic/Critical Care; Long-Term Care Protection. Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft - This one-hour seminar gives attendees the knowledge and the defensive skills they will need to avoid having their identity stolen in the first place, and the resources and actions they will need to take if their identity has been compromised.

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